TOP 3 Best Luxury Cruises In Halong Bay

Few places anywhere rival the extreme natural beauty and serenity of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

As fast-developing Hanoi becomes progressively more frenetic, Halong Bay’s grandeur and calm seems increasingly serene by comparison. It is the perfect antidote and yet it remained, until recently, a best-kept secret – despite its captivating beauty.

It is not exaggerating to say that cruise tours make an important feature of Halong Bay. Each cruise has a different itinerary that takes one to visit caves and helps one experience local life on water. This article will summary the best 3 luxury cruises in Halong Bay.

1. Halong Bay Glory Cruise

At approximately $110 per person for 2 day 1 night trip with food and boarding included, Glory Cruise tops the list when it comes to value cruise. The amenities on board can match that of any other cruise in the deluxe range but the price is only a fraction. The Glory Cruise Experience is an immersion in culture, heritage and natural beauty of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world

halong bay glory cruise 1
Halong Bay Glory Cruise

Halong Bay Glory Cruise roomhalong bay glory cruise


2. Emeraude Cruise

Emeraude Cruise is the unique when it comes to day cruise. While most other cruise such as Image Day Cruise, Alova Day Cruise or Phoenix Day Cruise uses a different vessel (which is option smaller in scale and not as beautifully decorated), Emeraude uses the same vessel for both day cruise and overnight cruise. The food standard as well as the cruise program is the same, which makes Emeraude truly stand out from the rest.




Emeraude Cruise 3Emeraude Cruisetai-chi-on-Emeraude-Cruise

3. Paradise Cruises

If you are looking for an ultimate luxurious cruise around Halong Bay, Paradise Cruise (including Paradise Luxury, Paradise Peak and Paradise Privilege) is top of chart in every aspect. Paradise Luxury I, II, III & IV were built according to the traditional Vietnamese junk design and present a lavish outfit blending in subtle harmony with the natural environment of Halong Bay – Vietnam.

halong bay paradise cruiseHalong-paradise_cruises

The 4 Paradise Luxury cruises offer 68 luxurious cabins and suites as well as an exciting array of activities to be enjoyed while experiencing the spectacular scenery of the “Bay of Descending Dragons”.

Halong-paradise_cruises 2

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